29 April 2007


I was thinking of making a TACTOLOGY ICON. I wanted something fancy, yet modern. I was leaning towards something that was more retro and colorful, but I decided that being black and white would make it a little more dramatic. So here it is, The new Tactology icon.

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Yesterday, April 28, Britney shops in between her upbeat dance rehearsals and progressing recording sessions. Here she is shown strolling through the streets after shopping at Naked Baby Boutique.

I'm totally digging her slim body, but I'm still quite concerned about her style. I mean its cute and sassy, but a lil ronchy? I don;t know, what do you think?

Compliments of breatheheavy.com


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Silence can say more than a thousand words.

This day shall unite us all about this unbelievable painful & shocking event and show some respect and love to those who lost their loved ones.

On April 30th 2007, the Blogosphere will hold a One-Day Blog Silence in honor of the victims at Virginia Tech. More then 30 died at the US college massacre.

But it´s not only about them. Many bloggers have responded and asked about all the other victims of our world. All the people who die every day. What about them?

This day can be a symbol of support to all the victims of our world!

All you have to do is spread the word about it and post the graphic on your blog on 30th April 2007. No words and no comments. Just respect, reflect and empathy.


So I came back home lastnight and my sister told me to check out this video starring Will Farrell and a lil cutie. Check it out!

The Landlord


So even though I'm about a month late (yet totally excusable because I didn't have this blog at the time), I think I'm about ready to blog about my Shellister's birthday dinner at Bucca Di Beppo at Brea, CA. Shellister, also known as my best friend since 1st grade, and I have been through so much together and on this night, April 6th we celebrate!

So the night started off when Me and Jaybe suprised Shell by picking her up for the dinner. We surprised her by bring a boa and a tiarra that she had to where the entire night. It was something different because it was called for unexpectedly! Surprise Shell!

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Then we took a picture together in her house, just for the sake of taking a picture in her house! lolz

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The bouquet of flowers that Shellister is holding was from me and Jaybe. It was an asian style themed bouquet meaning that it wa glittered and detailed for its youth and beauty. I thought they were beautiful and fit Shells because of its purple/lavender color.

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Here's Kristen and I being silly. She knows she wants to kiss my sexiness! haha just kidding. I think she wanted a sip of the wine i was holding.

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And here I am finally taking the sip. I dont exactly remember the name of the wine, but all I remember is that it was very light and crisp.

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Theres the four of us being silly: shell, Jaybe, Me, and Kris.

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Thats Me and Minji at the bar. Aren't they beauties!?

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And this is our last picture together that night. Jaybe ended up going to RAGE, just in case you were wondering where he was. He was being missed!

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This is the infamous picture of Shell busting a groove when we were singing her "Happy Birthday". She had to stand on the booth and CHA CHA! Good times, and the best!

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Here's a video of it. Its pretty funny if you know Michaele like I do.

Happy 22nd Birthday BEST!

28 April 2007


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Breatheheavy.com is the FIRST site to report this exclusive information:

"Britney will be playing the House of Blues in San Diego on May 1st, Anaheim on May 2nd, as well as the House of Blues on Sunset Strip on May 3rd. She is going under the bands name The M + M's."

Get your tickets!:
San Diego
Los Angeles on Sunset
Las Vegas


I was going through my computer folders and photobucket and it made me feel like posting some SF stuff.

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This was pretty recent. It was mine and Jaybe's first day at San Francisco. We <3 that place!

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This was our last night there. Enjoyed Union Square with a warm Vanilla Teamer! We did the basics. Shoped, Dinned.

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GO FULL HOUSE!! HAHA the first day we arrived there, we knew that was the first place we had to visit! It was so beautiful because that park overlooked a lot of the city.

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Our First Night, we ate at a Diner a block from our hotel. It was good. I ordered a chilly cheese dog. and yup, thats me holding my pickle.

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This ones a classic! The Golden Gate Bridge experience! hahaah yeah..We basically love to share our kisses, especially with ginormous monuments!

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Me and the CUZIN!! Pulling our way through. ITS MINE BITCH!

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The three of us! I think this was at ASIA SF! God we sexxxy!

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I <3 My Cuzin! ITs okay, were only FIRST cuzins! hahaha.. ASIA SF brings a lot of fun!

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Me and the cuz in front of Girradhelli chocolates!

Prepping Up for the PI's

Its still 2 months before me and my family head out to the Philippines. I'm still quite psyched from the fact that this is my first time going there. As a result, I decided that I need to start getting ready for what life could be like there for a 3 week period. I know one thing for sure..I need to go SHOPPING!! I ended up buying these shorts at ExpressMen the other day. The fit was alright. It wasnt too baggy like all the other cargo shorts that I've been trying on.

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Yeah. I ended up taking that image from Express Fashion website.

Now I have to find a shirt for it.

25 April 2007


So I took the initiative to make our interary for this Summer's vacation to the Philippines. It's still quite raw, but the main points are there.

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Hope it all works out!

24 April 2007


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In BRITNEY news, Breatheheavy reports that she is toning up for a nice bod! Today she worked out by busting some dancing moves at the MILLENIUM DANCE STUDIO in North Hollywood, Ca. Just by that picture alone, I know BRITNEY will come back with a BANG!


So its official, Asia wins the competition. Boo Hoo. My favorite competitor was Chelsea but its all good! I was getting all ancy at the point where Melissa and Asia confronted each other in the bedroom. My favorite line that Asia said, "You need to go see a psychology." Yeah, I understand that she has a baby and all, but girl, you need to work on your speakin skills! HAH!

So this is the New Doll

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This is who everyone was WOOTING for

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And this who I hoped would've won

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Now that the shows basically over, my Tuesday nights are free. Oh and as of yesterday, HEROES is back!! AHH That was my fav show before the PUSSYCAT DOLLS premiered!

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22 April 2007


The whole day yesterday was dedicated to celebrate Nate's achievement on passing the LVN State Boards. We've all been awaiting this night the entire week, and finally we can now saw that we all have a fascinating experience.

First off, me and the boys played another set of SCRABULOUS. I already forgot who one, or even lost! Probably me again. It was such a lazy day. Then we had a nice lunch at CAPITAL SEAFOOD RESTAURANT in Rowland Heights. Parking was a bitch as always. Nate even flicked this one dude off cuz he didn't let us pass. People can be so blah nowadays! Anyhoo, lunch was delicious as always at that place! I love chinese broccolli.

Then we headed back home chilled again. A lot of "doing nothings" this weekend. We all got into the whole WHO WANTS TO BE THE NEXT DOLL shindig on MTV. Well, it was the first time for my mom and christie to watch that. So basically, they were pretty much into it.

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Evening came along, and we all decided to attend mass at ST. DENNIS in Diamond Bar. It was a really pretty church. I even took a picture of the waterfall outside the main entrance.

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It was funny because instead of sitting in the actual part of the church, we ended up seating in those little rooms that were meant for babies to cry in. We basically watched mass through a huge window.

After mass, we headed to WHISKEY BARREL in Walnut and I bought some lotto tickets. One for saturday and one for tuesday. (yes i believe that one day I could have a few extra million dollars! (Later turns out that none of my numbers for saturday was drawn darnit!)

We got home, got all dressed up and cute-ified! I wore all black. I don't have a particular reason, I just felt like wearing all black could represent my simplicity for the evening. We took two cars: the Mercedes Benz C230 Kompressor and the Infinite G35. Hey, gotta represent ourselves somehow, right?!

Anyhoo. The venue was pretty. My first impression was WTF because as we all got out of our car (its valet only), we noticed all these young teenagers coming out of the restaurant. I swear they looked as if they were just 16 or 17, having one of them celebrate a birthday. Well, as we were waiting for our table, the valet dude pulled up a BENTLEY coupe. All I know is that a)that car costs over $100,000 and b)the owner must make bank! So yeah, guess who claims that car..one of those darn teenagers! Seriously, I thought I lived a blingy life as a young teen with my benz, but now I have nothing on that!

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Dinner itself was amazing. I started off the celebration by announcing a toast in recognizing Nate, our celebrant. I basically mentioned and reminded everyone why we were there, to celebrate the Deuce on passing the boards. It was so great seeing everyone there all happy and proud, especially my mom.

Now for what we actually ate, I ordered the Lawrys Cut, which at first, I thought was going to be too fullfilling for me. I mean, you get the actual prime rib, which is already gynormous! And then you also get the mashed potatoes with gravy, but the best part was the cream of corn! That made everything so much better! Heres what it looks like.

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We all knew we were quite full, especially Honeylyn, but you can't have a complete dinner without dessert! So, afer pondering through the dessert menu, we all made up our minds. Nate ordered the creme brulee and I ordered the Haagan Daaz hot fudge ice cream. That was delicous, even though it could be tricky, because most of the top of bowl was covered with whipped cream (making it seam like its all ice cream when it wasnt).

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So we were all happy by the end of the night. How much was the dinner? Lets just say it was well worth it. I believe it was in the mid $300s. We even took some home.

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After dinner, we drove to West Covina to go visit Candyl at work. Well actually, since she were to get out at midnight lastnight, Nate just wanted to surprise her and make sure that she got to her car safely. Something a nice bf would do. I mean, its West Covina! We got home, late night, and a good dinner. That was a great family-time saturday.

Oh and Minji came over to borrow my blue sleeping bag. (Random)

20 April 2007


So even though the weather is a bum. It's basically all wet outside, me and the Deuce decided to follow through a new and interactive hobby. Derived from the infamous SCRABBLE board game by Milton Bradley, we have now started the SCRABULOUS trend. We basically created our own user names and decided to play each other. But then again we also played others as well. This is sort of what it looks like when I played Nate (Canate).

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Yea he beat me again.

Play me sometime! Username: ollieaber

18 April 2007

Shall I Introduce Myself...

So this is it. This is the part of the "blogging" process that I've been thrilled to do, or if anything, been trying to avoid. It's my first blog and I don't know whether I should talk about me, why I made this, what I'll be blogging about, or why the sky is blue. But in reality, this is MY blog and I get to do whatever I want to do here.

So lets start with a handshake. My name is Chris. I am 22 years old and I have a life unlike many others. I'm not going to get into detail tonight, but I promise you, if you continue to read this in the near and distant future, you will be suprised by what I go through; the people I meet, the places I go, the food I eat, and so on and so on.

I think I decided to make this blog back when I started college. But then again, I was living the Xanga days and that was a failure. So this is it! A new start, a new beginning, a new life? Not really. I'm young. I'm still going through many types of experiences and I believe that everyday is worth a living. This is going to be my memory. Anything and everything that I believe is relevant to me at the moment or even towards my future shall deserve a blog! Hooray! Something true for once! HOPEFULLY I could commit to this because a lot of things in my life looses its committment.

Speaking of committment, I live in a committed relationship. My partner of two exciting years lives in a special place in my heart. His name is Ralph but if you really wanted to get personal, call him Jaybe and I'll call him Ardee. Weird huh? He's an alias. But he's great. I'll probably be mentioning him like 85% of the blogs because we are together like siamese twins playing with krazy glue! But if you wanted to know more about him, I rather you read his blog at JAYBIO! He's an interesting guy, click that and you'll see why.

Aaaaand back to me. I have 3 siblings. Two brothers; Nate, 20 is a guy with high ambitions and strong goals. Hes living a 6 year relationship with a sweet girl, Candyl. They're good people. High goals and accomplishments in life. Oh yeah I call Nate, Deuce, sometimes. I still dont know why. Christopher, 28 is the eldest. He is ..... a guy. Not as clear as to who he is yet, but still on the lookout for what life has for him. Christie, 27, is my older sister. She's been a successful role model throughout my entire life. Has a great job, stable relationship, and constantly high in fashion! I call her Fat sometimes because we tease eachother back and forth. And my mom. No matter what...She is the BEST MOM EVER! And then theres Chip and Aber. Chip is mine and Jaybes blond Lhasa Apso and Aber is the familie's CocaPoo. Chip is cute and Aber barks too much! I also will be introducing my cousin Dean, 23. He is like my 3rd brother. Me and him do everything together from shopping to traveling. We compliment eachother and through time, you'll see why.

And I still skipped talking about me. But I guess thats all you need to know. Have fun with it because my life is full of surprises!

ooOOh! And expect random posts about random things I found online. I tend to save a lot of pictures, especially of Miss Britney Spears, but I'll limit them to something more worth looking at. YAY!!