22 June 2007



Ready. Set. Go.

17 June 2007


For those who want to continue to follow the story of JBX [jaybe and ollie], check out what JAYBIO had to say. He briefly went over on how me and him met for the first time.

I swear, there was a tid bit of a tear that dropped down my eye as I read it. Good Times!

For those of you who are [or were into a special relationship], please comment me on how you met and why that moment was special. I want to learn how LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT works out around the world.



Other than that, my MYSPACE page is practically ready to have it's premiere. I just need to add a few stuff and wala! So be ready for a new paloooza to check out. I'll be posting it's link sometime this week. Thanks to Jaybe for totally busting out his creative side and helping me out with this. I swear, my life would be B-O-R-I-N-G without him.

13 June 2007




Hi All-

Thanks for all of your Birthday wishes.

The past year has been incredibly rewarding. We have tons to be thankful for. Most of all - YOU - our fans. Your support is amazing and inspiring. We love sharing exciting announcements and new projects with you. Your feedback is always appreciated.

Today, for the first time in a looooong time, we’re taking a day off - doing absolutely nothing and looking forward to every second of it!

Talk to you soon.

Mary-Kate & Ashley

Compliments to www.mary-kateandashley.com

12 June 2007

TACTOLOGY: Rediscovered

I was going through the day thinking of what I should blog about tonight. I went from anything and everything. At first I was thinking about blogging about Paris or Britney, but then I thought to myself, I haven't blogged about my personal life in a while. I've been digging for the best ideas to apply to tonight, and all I could think about are my hopes for the near future.

So its about 15 more days until I head out to the Philippines. Like I mentioned in the previous blogs, I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO THE PHILIPPINES. I honestly do not know what to expect when I head there. I know that I'll be heading to the many cities and some provinces, I just can't predict on whom I'll meet, what I'll eat, or even what I'll be wearing. It's going to be an adventure because it's in a country I know I can relate to, yet have the chance to discover a culture I'm not exposed to.

One person that I'm definitely going to miss is my boyfriend, Jaybe. We've been attached like no other for the past couple of years and this is going to be the first time in a while, that we're going to be separated. I remember two years ago when he went to the Philippines how hard it was for me to live each day knowing that I might not talk to him. He made it extra special because he did something so creative to help me deal with not having him near me. Basically, he compilated a CD for me with different songs that carried a specific theme which represented a feeling. He directed me to listen to one track on one day, and continue the CD up until the days when he got back. At the same time of listening to the track, he told me to light this candle that he got and read this special tag onto why he chose this song for that day. IT WAS UBER ROMANTIC! For example, I remember one of the tracks being THIS KISS by FAITH HILL because that was the song that was playing during the water show at Bellagio, Las Vegas. It was sweet. There were some songs that were totally random, but added some humor this whole thing. I, for sure, want to do something creative and sweet for him too, but I'm still in the process as to what I'll be doing. Any ideas?

Another thing that's been in my mind was school and the idea of moving down to San Diego in the Fall. We already did our apartment hunting, and Jaybe and I already have our fave, it's all in the matter of actually making everything official. He's going to know if he gets admitted to his school in July, just as I am going to notified if I'll be admitted to my program in late June (while I'm in the PI's). So technically, most of the changes won't take place until I come back. I really don't know what will happen.

One priority I know I have covered is my job. Since this is a temporary position, I already know that next Friday will be my last day. It was so ironic today, because I was discussing with my fellow co-workers that next Friday would be my last day and they were all sad about it. They said that I bring the new-hires together because of my charismatic personality. I guess it made me appreciate time more than ever. I should be taking advantage of the time here, with friends and family, because its true, I am planning on moving. So after I realized that, I now know how important it is to cherish the time I have with my loved ones here, at home.


New news! My myspace page is just about done regarding it's completion. I deleted my myspace account a couple of months ago due to an unfortunate event. I was going to make this an official deletion for I felt that the website would have no value or purpose. It wasn't until I realized that having the MySpace account did come and handy when it came to communicating with my distant and not-so-distant friends. I decided that deleting it was going to be a huge deal, since most of my friendship ties were connected through the network, and that deleting it would be a risk of losing them forever. But after about 3 months, and with the help of Jaybe and his creative sense of mind, my Myspace page will have it's World Premiere sometime at the end of this week. I have started back to zero friends and will be open to meeting new people, as well as having the goal to find the old and familiar.

If there are any fellow bloggers out there with a MySpace account, email me your addy and I'll be sure to get in touch with you.


I was talking with my co-workers yesterday about eyebrows and rather or not waxing, tweezing, or threading has the greatest results. We concluded that even though waxing is a faster procedure, that threading has the best results regarding accuracy and having a slower rate when it comes to growing back again. Tweezing, on the other hand is slightly painful and time consuming. It could even be a bit stressful when you realize that you plucked a little too much.

I have been waxing my eyebrows for about 4 years now (I remember my first time was right when I graduated high school and it was the night before I headed to Hawaii with my friends). But yeah since then, I've been waxing every 2 weeks. I have threaded my brows once, but never got to do it again. I know that threading is a little bit more pricier, and also wins because it carries less maintainence.

So what do you think is the best way to get that extra bit of eyebrow out of the way?




He's charming with the passion,
Loving from the soul,
Sexy within fashion,
Kicking for the goal.

11 June 2007

A Special Message from the Author

The author of TACTOLOGY apologizes for not posting anything newly updated for the past two days. Ollie had a long weekend only coming back to a week full of work. He does promise to update tomorrow once he gets the chance. Thank you for your patience and committment for keeping TACTOLOGY alive.

If you haven't already, show your support for TACTOLOGY by including your vote at this month's G-SPOT WEBLOG AWARD at HUSH AND LISTEN.

Live it. Love it. Rock it.

07 June 2007

Random Pictures for a Random Night


Jaybe taking a pix of me in the movies..[Industry, CA]

Me with the ladys at Dave & Busters [Irvine, CA]

Me and the Cuzin before we got rid of our Sidekick III's [Walnut Hills, CA]



Like Paris in the Summer,
Or Barbie in the Spring,
She lives it at the fullest,
With her silver sparkle bling bling.

Thats hot.


06 June 2007

Britney Relaxes in Mexico

It's been a good couple of days since I last updated about little miss Britney Spears! I've been sort of out of the loop with her since there's no real bright news about her in the media. I mean, I think everyone is just focusing on Lindsay Lohan's DUI incident, or even Paris Hilton behind the bars. Whatever the case, I'm actually kind of glad that Britney has her time to redeem herself. I know she's having some "Mother-Daughter" issues, but then were not all perfect children. So without further adew, heres some new 411 on Britney. Oh! and thanks to the request from fellow blogger, RUNWAY JOCK, Britney is back!

So for the past couple of days, Britney headed down south to Punta Mita in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for a way to rejuvenate herself, aka a vacation. In the full picture compliments of BREATHEHEAVY.COM Britney is shown having a good time drinking some orange juice with Alli, her BFF for the moment. I don't know about all of you but she seems like she's having a good time. Her hair almost look real enough to be considered a perm! Until...

...She turns puts on a bathing suit and turns around! I was almost speechless after seeing this one. Also taken in Mexico, it seems like she's enjoying the beginnging of what we call a Summer vacation. I'm so jealous! I haven't gone to the beach, not once, since Summer began! But yeah. Lovin or hatin the crack?

At work today, "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman" was rolling through my head. I remember when this song first came out I wasn't actually digging it. But I guess after all these years, it does have a catchy ring to it. It sort of makes me want to watch Crossroads again!

04 June 2007

My Eyes On Gay Marriage.

I got an email yesterday from KHALELIAN yesterdasy asking me to discuss my opinion on the ever-so-dear subject of GAY MARRIAGE. I was actually at the movie theaters when I got that email from my Palm, and when I retrieved it, I was in a state of comtemplating. What is my belief about gay marriage?. Anyway, KHALELIAN, the author of HUSH AND LISTEN, asked if I could submit a comment on his blog. Instead, I'm just going to dedicate a post about it. Here it goes...

First off, I believe that there are two sub-categories regarding gay marriage. One needs to think about where or under what circumstances is this marriage going to take place. Is it going to be a union in front of the eyes of God, and be taken in a church? Or is it going to fall under the hands of the political spectrum and be a legal issue? I believe that either way, marriage should be a result of reason.

I hope, that most of this reason derives in the form of love. Two hearts, one love. Simple right? Wrong. It gets complicated. Most of the time, other environmental factors affect the union of two men, or two women. There's the family, then the religion, and is some cases, employment can be a struggle. In the structural-social ladder of society, homosexuals are still struggling to be considered "normal people." Many tv shows and newspaper editorials are dedicated to humiliating the gay community, while or even mocking them, stating that it's a "disease" to be gay. No matter where you go, something will push down the gay community, especially gay marriage.

When it comes to marriage, the first thing I think of is committment. Being committed to someone, whether it is man to woman or man to man, should always start off with a base. Base of love, history, experience, romance, etc., Basically, KNOW WHO YOU'RE MARRYING. It's a struggle to try to introduce gay marriage to society, yet another when you are actually the fool, knowing that you are not going to be committed to the man/woman you are about to say "I DO" to. But this goes for anyone, not just 'the gays.'

Another issue that society is concerned about regarding gay marriage is 'the children.' The media has been a key source in portraying gay actions and behavior in magazines, television, movies, music videos (thanks to xtina), which only means that the word "gay" doesn't have to be whispered as much anymore. Children are a great part of our future and if they are willing to accept homosexuality at a young age, I would hope that by the time they make important decisions for themselves as well as for the general population, that homosexuality would also be acceptable.

We're already seeing it everyday: gay senator, gay actor, gay talk show hosts (Rosie and Ellen), and we're still waiting on Clay Aiken! But the truth is, were evolving. The gay community is evolving from the people known as the carriers of AIDS to the people who took over Design TV. So why is it that when the words "GAY" and "MARRIAGE" are in the same sentence, everyone stops what their doing and make a huge deal about it? For me, its curiosity for change. I honestly don't know what the gay community is like in other countries besides the US, but from where I come from, the common population would rather ask themselves, "Should I risk my life by having a gay friend?

Ollie and Jaybe's 2nd Year Anniversary

Now looking at this issue at a more personal point, I do support the idea of gay marriage. I've been in a committed relationship with Jaybe for over 2 and a half years and our love for each other is still growing with new experiences. We already proved ourselves by being domestic partners for over a year, stating that IT CAN WORK OUT! I know that in order for a gay marriage to be successful requires a lot of TRUST and SUPPORT. We all know how easy it is to be tempted by other (attracted) people, but once you can overcome avoiding cheating or casual "hookups" then you're on the go for a great relationship. We also know that it can be hard getting that extra boost of support from some friends and family, but you'd want that relationship to work out, the bulk of it must come from the support from each other. Who knows? Jaybe and I may or may not become official husbands, but we do know that we don't need that official title for our love to be qualified.

Live it. Love it. Rock it.